I'm a fully certified digital content writer, as well as a copywriter. The benefit of both? I add real strategy to every virtual word.


I put the same integrity and strategic thinking into 140 characters as I do into multi-media campaigns. Inbound marketing has changed the way we do marketing. Tweets turn characters into contacts. Facebook gets you liked, and blogs can turn quick reads into long-term relationships. Plus, the more you do, the more popular you are with search engines.

There’s just one problem with popularity – you get noticed.

Poorly constructed AdWords, blogs written by juniors and irrelevant tweets are damaging to brands. People, not just search engines, need to like you. So hire me (you had to see that coming), Katherine Houston. I’m a SEO, Social Media and Conversion Optimization Certified content writer with a background in communications strategy and copywriting. I provide a comprehensive voice across all channels.

Who’s “she”?

A copywriter, digital content writer and ghost blogger who takes the pressure off of you.

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Creating consumer copy that humanizes your brand and maximizes your marketing.

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Ghostwriters are sworn to secrecy but, fortunately, I do have some digital samples that I can show.

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Digital content changes but an award-winning print portfolio always makes a strong case for my talent.

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Case study

I launched an online business that gained media attention solely through keyword-rich copy and social media.

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