Pasted Graphic 240% of marketers cite lack of skills as a barrier to inbound marketing – Global Inbound Marketing Survey 2013. 

Ad writers create strategic copy. Digital writers create engaging copy. I do both.

Whether it’s web copy for a veterinary hospital, emails for financial planners, blogs for New York’s largest chain of spas, or webinars for an international app developer, my content meets objectives and creates a consistent voice across channels. Plus, you can hire me cost-effectively.

Ghost blogging and social media engagement

Daily tweets, Facebook posts, comments on relevant threads, written and video blogging – whatever engagement and inbound marketing you need, I ghostwrite on your behalf. More importantly, I put the same integrity and strategic thinking into 140 characters as I do a fully-scripted one-hour webinar.

Digital and online content

Your site is your first impression. It needs to engage from the start. Good sites are informative, but concise; professional, but personal. As a senior writer, it’s a balance I can easily achieve. In addition, I craft Google ads that tie into your online branding so that your quality score and click through rates are high. Because of my training in traditional advertising, I’m also skilled at creating native ads with strong headlines and seamless integration.

Your Monthly Mentor 

Sometimes you need an expert to take a critical look at your marketing efforts and provide suggestions. Other times you want an expert for just a few hours to help staff with basics and identify areas of opportunity. Still other times you want to pick up the phone, no planning required, and get an expert opinion as needed. I created Your Monthly Mentor so that clients can have access to an expert in the most affordable and convenient way.

Strategic Storytelling

I once worked at an ad agency that burned down within months of its launch. The day after the fire, the founders billed themselves as the hottest shop in the city and held a frozen cocktail party outside, among the rubble. That story stayed with them for years.  You have a story too and I guarantee that I’ll find it. From there, we can incorporate it into your marketing initiatives without a big overhaul.


I capture the essence of what you’re trying to convey and turn it into concise, engaging copy. Want me to work with your foundation?  No problem.

 Traditional advertising 

Clients who hire me for  print, radio and traditional advertising are relieved that I also write digital content. Clients who hire me for digital are relieved to know that I provide full copy services so that all their marketing efforts are strategically aligned.


$150 per hour for contracts 20 hours and under. Rates decrease as hours increase. Though I accept small projects, my fees are designed to encourage long-term relationships. After all, the more I get to know you, the better my work, which is more rewarding for all.