Who’s “she”?

Katherine was scheduled for an interview. The subway stalled, then her cab broke down. Still, she hitchhiked across the city to make it – and she did, on time. With that kind of enthusiasm, I hired her on the spot. Stan Becker, retired CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, LA, Toronto.


Why be virtually competitive when you can be real competitive?

I’m more than an SEO ad Social Media Certified content writer. I’m an award-winning copywriter whose career spans all media, every type of consumer in terms of demographics and psychographics, as well as countless industries from spa services to quantum computing. I write well, not good. But will succumb to “got, ‘cuz and lol” if a target group calls for it.

Engage? Yes. As an ad writer, it’s what I’ve been doing for years.

In addition, when social media began changing how we communicate, I learnt all I could by launching an online business of my own – trysweettalk.com. It’s the only writing service in North America to craft online dating, LinkedIn and adoption profiles using ad techniques.

Though just a hobby business, it went from being unknown to gaining enough media attention – solely through keyword-rich content and social media savvy –  that I was interviewed  on shows like King 5 TV and NPR (you can read the case study for all the agonizing details).

Better yet, it helped me build on a talent for asking the kind of questions that uncover personal narratives and crafting them in creative and compelling ways. This knack for storytelling is what I bring to your brand personality,

Key word copy gets you found. Ad copy makes you worthy of that attention. My combination of skills optimizes both. I humanize your brand so that it connects in a way that’s sincere, yet highly strategic and “discerningly” keyword rich. When I say I put real strategy into every virtual word, I mean it.